The Blessed
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Hallowed Reviews:

Praise for Hallowed See what Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and MTV are saying about the Blessed series!


Passionaries Reviews:


"Hurley brings a dark and shadowy version of Brooklyn to life. It’s the perfect backdrop for this subversive, gritty novel. . . . A terrific second volume."
— Kirkus Reviews (Read full review here)


The Blessed Reviews:

• MTV Hollywood Crush Top Ten Book of 2012
• Apple's iBook Top Ten Books Pick for September
• Tonya Hurley won the Pennsylvania School Library Association award for Outstanding Author 2012

"THE BLESSED is unapologetically deep and dark. It makes no play for popularity with a candy-coated teen approach. It is gutsy and fierce."
— Amy Keen (Read full review here)

"THE BLESSED is a fever dream of a book, jumbling rock and roll, celebrity, and religious iconography together with abandon. I know I'll be back for the second book. Hurley's created an intoxicating version of Brooklyn, one populated by saints and prophets, and I can't wait to see where she's taking this crazed thrill ride of faith and violence next."
— Amazon Vine Voice: THE BLESSED review

"This story will grip readers from the dramatic opening to the climactic finish."
— Book Trust

"This intense, visceral novel provides a Goth’s-eye view of three teenage girls with close affinities to the three early saints whose names they bear... Hurley has written a powerful, piece of modern Gothic, depicting a nightmarish city where those in power are evil and corrupt. The book’s punk roots are evident in both the fragmented, edgy style and the frequent references to blood, tears, sweat..."
— Books For Keeps (read full review)

"a good story that uses faith as a powerful narrative device. Combine that with first-rate characters, scheming powers that be, and a harrowing plot you have a book that has bestseller written all over it, in big gothic letters."
—The Book Passage

“Brooklyn is the perfect setting for this dark, gritty thriller...Readers can rest assured that while these young women may be saints, they are definitely not angels."

“Our new favorite dark, sexy rock-n-roll thriller.”

“Intriguing premise, fiery dialogue, and digs about celebrity-obsessed culture that moves at the speed of Twitter…”
—Publishers Weekly

"Hurley has given me the story I’ve wanted for years—one with strong females accepting their lot and living to their full potential. I will be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the second installment. For readers looking for a new story and for new characters to love and cheer for, then Agnes, CeCe, and Lucy are your next favorites."
—A Midsummer Night's Read

"...Tonya brings her deadpan wit and blackest humor to the first tale in this trilogy about spirituality, sacrifice and supernatural romance."
—MTV Hollywood Crush

"...A masterpiece. I wholeheartedly recommend The Blessed to you if you are interested in good writing, expert story telling, quirk and circumstance, or rock and roll."
—Bookalcious Pam

"The Blessed is raw and gritty. It's keep you on the edge of your seat, trying to remember that you actually need to breathe."
—Beyond Books

"The Blessed, the creepy-cool new novel by Tonya Hurley . . . "
—Bust Magazine

"Looking for the next big trend in supernatural fiction? There are no mermaids in this story. Instead, in a unique vision, this first book in a trilogy introduces a new supernatural being: martyred Christian saints. Saint Agnes, patron saint of young girls; Saint Cecilia, patron of musicians; and Saint Lucy, patron of the blind are mystically linked with three contemporary namesakes in New York City. A mysterious young man named Sebastian becomes protector and defender of these three girls. The story begins as he seeks them out when each of the girls is taken to a hospital emergency room on the same fateful night. The separate events that have brought them there give them cause to examine and question the choices they have made so far in their young lives. Agnes has survived a suicide attempt over a lost love. Cecilia is a struggling musician with a cult following, and Lucy is an attention-seeking socialite. Sebastian seeks them each out in order to give them exquisite antique bracelets and leaves them with a promise that they will meet again. It is a fascinating, complicated idea that just gets started in this book. This will likely leave teen readers wanting more of the story of the girls' connection to these martyred virgin saints."


ghostgirl Reviews:

• An instant international bestseller
• New York Public Library Stuff for the Teenage List
• Indie Next List

“Tim Burton and Edgar Allan Poe devotees will die for this fantastic, phantasmal read.”
— School Library Journal (STARRED review)

“[Hurley] beats out witty teen-speak like a punk-band drummer, keeping the narrative fast-paced and fun yet thought-provokingly heartwarming. Goofy, ghastly, intelligent, electrifying.”
— Kirkus Reviews (STARRED review)

“Readers with a taste for black humor and satire will feast on Hurley’s crisp, wise dialogue. Anticipate a well deserved cult following.”
— VOYA (STARRED review)

“Glittering comedy, a prime exemplar of what might be called demento mori, a growing subgenre of satire about teens who will not or cannot die.”
— Publishers Weekly (STARRED review)

“Harry Potter’s epic battles against dark forces of evil are nothing compared to Charlotte Usher’s struggles with an even more fearsome foe — high school.”
— Herald-Standard

“Offers the answer to the age old question: Who would come to my funeral? And gives fantasy fulfillment for anyone who wanted to be someone else for a day.”
— San Francisco Chronicle

“Written with deadpan wit… this is a ‘Wonderful Life’-like tale.”
— New York Post

“A sincere (and humorous) exploration of how we all feel invisible at one time or another… a perfect read.”
— CosmoGirl